b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022EDITORIAL:The Future of Commercial DesignC OVID-19 has accelerated a range of pre- Studies that make connections between toxic existing trends in the commercial sectorproducts and human health issues speak for around health and wellbeing, activity basedthemselves. Consumers have become increasingly working, flexibility and the drive for better spaceaware and cautious about product toxicity utilisation. Sustainability, smart buildings and theand demand greater transparency. Making this digital workplace are also reshaping the office spaceinformation available and clear for consumers is of the future. essential in this day and age.The pandemic has bolstered corporate interest inWeathertex was the first manufacturer to receive redesigning work space to simulate nature, haveGlobal GreenTagProduct Health Declarationand better air filtration systems and use more sustainableachieved a Platinum Level HealthRATEthe materials. highest rating that can be reached under the PHD and HealthRATE system.Companies have been increasingly embracing biophilic designthe concept of bringing theIn Australia, we know that businesses lose over$34 health benefits of the outdoors inside while cuttingbillionannually in lost production and wages due to down on energy costs and boosting health and workemployee ill health, yet what is largely unknown by performance. They are turning to more sustainableAustralian business owners, is that toxic ingredients and natural materials like Weathertex, mass timber,hidden in products used in workplace buildings are or solid wood panels, rather than concrete or steel,a significant culprit of workplace sickness. Product the production of which contributes hugely to globalHealth Declarationpushes for transparency Quintessence Construction Management greenhouse gas emissions.to disclose risks and hazards in products used in Weathergroove 300 Natural workplaces and, in Australian homes too.Workspaces built with more timber store carbon and offset greenhouse gas emissions, reduce labourAll GreenTag certified products are considered resources and produce a light and natural interior,healthy to use based on the best scientific which can have positive health impacts on the peopleinformation of today from the UN Globally working there, partly by enhancing biophilic designHarmonised System and EU REACH programs with and are low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). individual Consultant Toxicologist peer reviewed risk assessment.10'