b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022T ime again to leave another year behind usIts become our social, professional and and proudly present to you a new edition ofenvironmental responsibility as planners, architects, the popular Weathertex Sustainable Designdesigners, builders and citizens to advocate for Trends annual magazine for 2022.sustainable practices in everything we create. Weve come to realise that sustainable design is not Although 2021 still showed some marketa choice, but a necessity, if we value not just our challenges especially within the building industryplanet, but our lives. COVID-19 unfortunately has with blistering demand, soaring prices and supplybeen our wakeup call. shortages, Weathertex was able to provideBy selecting Weathertex as your cladding option, customers with a level of certainty when it cameyoure making a difference. All Weathertex to pricing and product availability. This wasproducts have a better than zero carbon footprint easily achieved by being an Australian family- and are made from 100% natural ingredientsowned cladding manufacturer located in thehardwood and wax. Its the only product of its kind Hunter Region NSW and sourcing only locallyin the world containing no added artificial glues, second graded grown timber from PEFC certifiedresins, formaldehydes or silica.plantations.The pandemic has permanently changed the futureHowever, sustainable design does not have to of building design, with consumers opting morecompromise on cost or on aesthetics. Be inspired than ever for sustainable green building materialsand motivated by some of Weathertex most and no longer willing to sacrifice the environment,inspirational projects making waves across Australia their health, wellbeing, and day to day comfortand around the world.living. Weathertex a better choice naturally!Paul Michael, Chairman Jason OHagan, Managing DirectorMegafloraWeathergroove150 Natural3'