b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022DESIGN TREND:Batten Up & BarnsB atten Up trend continues to offer a unique alternative toThe Batten Up trend is also ideal for interior ceilings and wall traditional cladding design but in 2022 weve also addedlinings and the exposed timber battens create texture and barn style homes to the mix. warmth to any living space. Not only aesthetically, timber also performs strongly in the acoustic arena - whether the objective Barn styles similar to Batten Up designs are the perfectis to enhance sound or reduce sound. A classic example of combination of tradition with modern twists such aswhat can be achieved with timber acoustics is our very own monochromatic colour palettes and sleek fixtures. They allSydney Opera House.form stability, structural strength and safety for residents. The use of natural materials such as Weathertex cladding helps toPitched ceilings and exposed wood and repurposed barn underline this concept. doors create the perfect rustic-chic inspired flair. Let Weathertex help you stamp your next individual project The batten up & barn-style external timber cladding of thedesign!house emphasises its traditional construction. But due to the laconicism and special configuration of the facade decoration, it was possible to achieve a contemporary touch. They lookCadence & Co.simply fashionable, not dictating to trends but adapting to theWeathergroove 1200 Woodsmannatural landscape. Weathertex Weathergroove panels either in Smooth, Woodsman or Natural textures are the perfect cladding to use as the main building faade. Batten dimensions, spacing and profiles can be consistent and uniform or can be varied to create unique sequences for a customised individual design. Visit Weathertex website for some technical tips and guides on how you can create this amazing look.Photographer: The Palm Co.31'