b"Weathertex Design Trends 2022DESIGN TREND:Slim & GroovyS lim & Groovy trend continues grow and taketo any indoor area such as living rooms, bedrooms, shape both within residential and commercialentryways as well as offices, shop fitouts and public design.Engage your eye and stimulate yourspaces.senses with thin vertical lines into your space to create grandeur, depth and desirable texture. Slim & Groovy will never go out of fashion, create a symmetrical modern style on your next design with Weathertex's newest and now ever most popularthe Weathergroove range!Weathergroove 75mm profiles are the perfect wall panelling addition that can easily achieve this stylish and sophisticated timeless design. Available inBelle Lifestyle HomesSmooth, Woodsman and Natural for a wide range ofWeathergroove 75 Naturalapplications, these extremely durable and sustainable timber wall panels are super easy to install and will instantly create the wow factor into any indoor or outdoor design.Dynamic vertical lines have the ability to lift the mind, the spirit and create striking shadow lines to any design. As such, architects and designers continue to specify Weathertex Weathergroove range because they inspire awe and diminish the significance of human scale.Vertical lines convey a feeling of strength and dignity to external facades, but are also equally stunning 34"