b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022DESIGN TREND:Coastal GrandeurC oastal living has evolved and becomenatural textures and touches of greenery, this grander in both popularity andtimeless trend is a great option for those who design over the last few years. Forseek open, airy and relaxed living spaces. inspiration, heres some of Weathertex favourite modern Coastal and HamptonsYou can achieve the Modern Coastal look projects that take design cues from the iconicin the home with a few statement selections style. and design touches. The essence of the coastal interior design is its relaxed and chic No Coastal style is complete withoutambience. Internally, modern coastal design embracing Weathertex weatherboards andembodies the atmosphere of a beautiful Classic Shingles Plus on gables.Select fromseaside retreat through colour, texture the many Smooth textured profiles availableand furniture picks. Neutral and vibrant within the Primelok, Classic or Selflokcolours form the basis of the style, as well weatherboard ranges to create defined sharpas its textured walls like Weathergroove horizontal shadow lines. Classic Shinglespanels used as features to enhance its earthy Plus, trims, fretwork and fancy gablesaesthetic.will add the final touches to this Coastal Grandeur trend! One of the best aspects of Coastal Grandeur design is its ability to make you feel relaxed. Inspired by a neutral colour palette ofWhether youre only a few feet from the greys, whites and blues, modern Coastalwaves or a thousand miles away, you are Grandeur combines all the elements ofsure to make you feel as though youre on seaside living while keeping the overall lookvacation.sleek, functional and refined. Featuring 46'