b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022 Photographer: Simon WhitbreadDESIGN TREND:Dramatic AchromaticA n achromatic colour scheme offers aThis combination will give you a light and airy simplicity and cleanliness that you cancoastal feel. If however you include more dark grey only find with grey, black, and whiteor black elements in the scheme, you create quite combinations. After all, achromatic colours area different mood with the strong tonal variation neutral. between pure white and jet black.This tonal difference makes a very strong design statement.Colour trends come and go.It can be difficultSo hopefully you can see that achromatic colour to keep up so you should opt for what you like.schemes are simple but can give excellent results. However, two colours are always in fashionblackThis scheme can create a light and airy look with and white. How we use them changes, but therejust a touch of black to add elegance.Or you is no doubt this classic partnership can work in socan achieve a very striking effect with a bold many different settings and is always on trend. combination of black and white or a very moody, Black and white colour schemes are a classicalinteresting scheme using predominantly dark grey look. They always appear sharp and high contrastand black.making a statement. There is certainly nothing boring or pedestrian Black and white is a stable colour combinationabout a black and white scheme! The beauty is for designers. The contrast of black and white hasthat a black and white palette lends itself to either been a much loved colour combination in fashiona very traditional and classic style home or a more for many years.When we think black and white,modern cutting edge look. If you like the elegance we think black tiesmart and sophisticated, andand tradition of a country-style home, warm up most definitely not out of date.black and white with timber, natural foliage and other natural textures.Tonal variationis important in such a simple scheme.It is easy to explain with black and whiteTake a look at some stunning black and white as you can picture a scheme that is predominantlycolour combinations and get ideas for your home white with just a few light greys to create interest.design.52'