b"Weathertex Design Trends 2022Inner SanctuaryW ith the pandemic forcing manycreate the ultimate inner sanctuary.More of us indoors throughout 2021,than ever, its becoming crucial to select perhaps now, more than ever,healthier materials in our homes.we seek to create or renovate our interior spaces into the ultimate inner sanctuaryWeathertex has a low VOC, is 100%one that not only looks fantastic, butnatural and contains no nasty chemicals also is functional, safe and promotes oursuch as glues, resins, formaldehyde, or wellbeing. silica. You can rest comfortably knowing that youve made the right decision not Creating a tranquil abode goes beyondonly for the planet but also for your loved your design aesthetic and objects withinones.a space; it starts with simple, mindful practices that allow you to feel stress-free.Timber cladding is an easy and a cost-Its human instinct for us to appreciateeffective way to bring any internal room and be attracted to the charming beautyto life, whether it's on walls, ceilings or of nature. There are countless ways toused as decorative features. Another foster a sense of inner calm through earthymajor reason why a large number of pieces such as natural stone, bamboo andpeople are choosing Weathertex as their of course Weathertex. preferred internal lining solution is that wood is a natural insulator, which is great Weathertex's wide range of natural andat preventing heat from entering the space primed weatherboards and architecturalin Summer and keeping the cold outside panels continue to be used internally toduring Winter.56"