b"Weathertex Design Trends 2022EDITORIAL: XWould you like friesWeathertex with that?M cDonalds Australia opened its 1000th store,responsible. Weathertex is the obvious choice for and celebrated by launching the first greensustainable healthier cladding. Weathertex is endorsed Maccas in Australia. Pictured here, the greenthrough the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Maccas is located in Melton, South Victoria, is the first- Forest Certification), which promotes Sustainable Forest eversustainability flagshipMcDonalds and features aManagement through independent third-party certification.stack of environmentally friendly elements. In addition toPEFCworks throughout the entire forest supply chain to using recycled material in the building, infrastructure andpromote good practice in the forest and to ensure that furnishings, the restaurant will use 100 per cent renewabletimber and non-timber forest products are produced energy, including solar energy sourced from rooftop panels.with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical A green wall welcomes diners when they enter the diningstandards. Thanks to its eco-label, customers and consumers room, full of living plants that increase biodiversity, provideare able to identify products from sustainably managed insulation and clean the air. forests.Weathertex sustainable hardwood cladding was used on theWeathertex has been through a rigorous evaluation from McDonald's Restaurant at Melton South. The combinationGlobal GreenTag Pty Ltdto determine their outstanding of Weathergroove 150 Woodsman panels with Selflokgreen performance and we are proud that we were Ecogroove 150 Woodsman weatherboards helps to highlightthe FIRST manufactured productto receive a GreenTag the architectural design features and the natural timber grainPlatinum certification with a GreenRate R Level A for our adds warmth and texture, visually reinforcing the use ofnatural range products. Additionally, weve received Gold sustainable natural materials. certification for our primed product range. Weathertex offers quick installation, saves you money andThe durability of Weathertex products with 1,000kg/m3 looks fantastic. Many fast food chains and commercialproduct density and a minimum 32mpa rating is also a operators are specifying Weathertex on their projects as partmassive plus for the high traffic areas such as restaurants, of their commitment to becoming more environmentallyshopping centres, hallways, schools and family homes.6"