b'Weathertex Design Trends 2022Builder: Hardy Construction|Photographer: Dion RobesonDalecki Design made this striking fireplace the focal point of the living area by using Weathergroove vertical wall panels. It subtly breaks up the spaces whilst adding depth and dimension to the room.Multitalented Dalecki DesignWeathergroove 150 NaturalW eathertex is super versatile with endless possibilities andRemote working undoubtedly became essential to business continuity applications. Because of its light weight and flexible nature,during the COVID-19 health crisis. Now that many businesses Weathertex products are not only used on walls but also onstarted opening up, having the flexibility to work from home (or from ceilings, garage doors, as feature walls, screens and cabinetry. anywhere) will continue to be a preference for many. Although most often an afterthought, ceilings play a significant role inStudy rooms and nooks throughout the home are now a must, however affecting the aesthetic and ambience of a room. If youre looking for anthe newest latest trend sweeping residential design are the detached inventive way to open up a space, bring in some light, texture and thehome office pods.These office pods are compact, movable and allows wow factor why not use Weathertex timber cladding as a ceiling lining. users to truly focus while drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural environment.Weathertex products are the ideal cladding to use Interior wall cladding, also known as shiplap, vertical panelling, andbecause they are lightweight, strong and easy to install.v-groove wall lining signals a return to trends of the past. Rather than having just boring painted walls, incorporating timber cladding as aA push for more eco-friendly habits is changing how we livefrom feature wall will add tone and texture, and creates the illusion of scaleeveryday choices to lifes biggest milestones. Heres some Weathertex and height to a space. inspiration on we can make our homes healthier, cosier, and more welcoming in 2022. 63'