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FINALIST in Architecture and Designs Sustainability Awards for 2017: Building Products. Weathertex is endorsed through the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which promotes Sustainable Forest Management through independent third-party certification.


WINNER of Architecture and Designs Most Trusted Brand Award.Ā Brands voted as the 100 Top Trusted have been recognised by the public as preferred brands. The poll aims to rank the trustworthiness of brands and showcase them within the industry.


THIRD PARTY ACCREDITEDĀ and the first manufacturing company GLOBALLY to achieve a Platinum GreenTag certification, and Gold for our Primed flat products. We are also part of the Product Health Declaration andĀ  Declare labelling systems.


WINNER of the MBA National Export Award.Ā The National Export Awards are sponsored by the Australian Made Campaign and recognise the outstanding export performance of members and others in the Australian building and construction industry in the export market.



Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification

The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) is an international non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) through independent third-party certification.

PEFC works throughout the entireĀ forest supply chainĀ to promoteĀ good practice in the forestĀ and to ensure that timber and non-timber forest products are produced with respect for the highest ecological, social and ethical standards. Thanks to itsĀ Ā eco-label, customers and consumers are able to identify products from sustainably managed forests.

PEFC is an umbrella organization. It works by endorsingĀ national forest certification systemsĀ developed throughĀ multi-stakeholder processesĀ and tailored to local priorities and conditions. With 39 endorsed national certification systems and more than 300 million hectares of certified forests, PEFC is the worldā€™s largest forest certification system.

Each national forest certification system undergoesĀ rigorous third-party assessmentagainst PEFCā€™s unique Sustainability Benchmarks to ensure consistency with international requirements.


ISO 9001

Quality Management System

Weathertex production operations are controlled under an SAI Global Certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System. The Quality Management Principals from the ISO 9001 System are used as a foundation towards performance improvement.

Global GreenTag

Platinum and Gold Certified

Weathertex have been through a rigorous evaluation from Global GreenTag Pty LtdĀ to determine their outstanding ā€œgreen performanceā€ and we are proud to announce we are the FIRST manufactured productĀ to receive a GreenTag Platinum certification with a GreenRate R Level A for our natural range products. Additionally, weā€™ve received Gold certification for our primed flat cladding and wall panel sheets.

Ecospecifier Global GreenTagCertā„¢ is a third party, multi-criteria, consensus based and externally verified Type 1 ecolabelling program. One of the largest product sustainability certification systems in Australia and globally. GreenTag is the only Certification Mark in the sector approved by the Australia Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the US Patents and Trademarks Office and green building rating tools, across the globe.

Greentag comprises of two certification systems.
ā€¢ LCA Rateā„¢ (Life Cycle Analysis) for all products and all rating tools that engage LCA and Environmental Product Declarations e.g. Green StarĀ®, EnviroDevelopment, LEEDĀ®, BREEAM, EarthCheck; and
ā€¢ GreenRateā„¢ for products relevant to Green StarĀ® (Australia, New Zealand and South Africa), Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), Living Building Challenge and HomeStar (NZ)



Product Health Declaration

Studies that make connections between toxic products and human health issues speak for themselves, saysĀ David Baggs, CEO and Technical Director of Global GreenTag, at the launch of the ecolabelā€™s newĀ Product Health Declarationā„¢Ā orĀ PhDĀ tool in Sydney at Total Facilities 2017. Ā Ethically, GreenTag did not want to sit on worrying statistics much longer without doing something about it.

ā€œGreenTagā€™s PhD is a radical entry into the market but it is also very necessary because it addresses human health concerns directly ā€“ we have the first system globally to assess the health impacts of the final product ā€“ and not just the hazards of the ingredients.ā€

GreenTagā€™s PhD, he said, is finally going to push for transparency to disclose risks and hazards in products used in workplaces and, in Australian homes too.

You can read the full article from Global GreenTag here.

BRANZ Appraisal

BRANZ Appraisals are robust, in-depth independent evaluations for building products and systems to be deemed fit for purpose and Building Code compliant.

A BRANZ Appraisal is a tool that facilitates market acceptance. It gives confidence to building specifiers, Regulatory Bodies, Building Consent Authorities and Building Officials during the building and consent process.

Weathertex has the following BRANZ appraisal numbers: 511, 512, 513 and 514.

This is an overview of the certifications Weathertex has obtained.

For the full copy of the certificates and extra technical information, please visit our certificates page in the Technical Menu.


The ACA recognises the achievements, developments and innovation within Australiaā€™s booming construction industry and feature a wide range of categories for solution providers, contractors, architects, developers and local authorities.

Weathertex was one of the 13 Winners of the 2018 Australian Construction Awards, taking out Supplier of the year for 2018.

The industry relies on a number of stakeholders to keep projects moving. Supplier of the year is a company that provides quality, on time, every time.

“Every stakeholder in the construction industry plays a part in keeping the projects moving forward. The supplier of the year focuses on the importance of providing quality products in a timely manner, with its ability to meet deadlines and plan ahead of their schedules. This Winning organisation has built a successful network across the construction industry and should be commended for their resilience in tough environmental & political conditions. Through their clear and comprehensive approach,they have developed top-notch quality products & services for the market. They are proving to be a great model for others to follow.”


Weathertex have been stepping into the limelight more and more recently, winning the MBA 2017 National Export Award ā€“ for Products and Manufacturing, and we were also finalist of Architecture and Designs 2017 Sustainability Awards in the Building Product category. This is a big step up from our small town roots of the Raymond Terrace (NSW ā€“ just outside of Newcastle) factory.

Our 2017 achievements, coupled with winning Most Trusted Brand proves this is a company to keep your eyes on. These awards reflect a company thatā€™s becoming more and more unique in the modern Australian landscape ā€“ a 100% Australian owned and manufactured company that provides jobs to regional towns, able to walk the walk in ā€˜eco-friendlinessā€™ through third party accreditation, with a product thatā€™s good enough to compete on a global scale.

Consumers worldwide have ever increasing interest in knowing what exactly are in products, and ours 97% Australian hardwood timber and 3% wax ingredients answers this need perfectly.

Ā “100% Australian owned and manufactured company that provides jobs to regional towns, able to walk the walk in ā€˜eco-friendlinessā€™ through third party accreditation, with a product thatā€™s good enough to compete on a global scale.”

Architecture & DesignĀ has announced the results of their annual Top Trusted Brands 2016 survey, to once again reveal Australiaā€™s best brands in the architecture, building, construction and design industries.Ā  With 341 nominated brands and a total of 13,456 votes,Ā Weathertex Australia is proud to announce been voted NUMBER 1 Top Trusted Brand for 2016-2018.

The 2016 survey revealed the common themes associated with a trusted brand, including great service, products and reliability ā€“ as well as other socially driven themes of eco-friendliness and Australian made.Ā  Companies competed for a place in the overallĀ Top 10 Trusted Brands for 2016 with Weathertex placing first, followed by Dulux Australia and Bluescope Lysaght.Ā Weathertex also won NUMBER 1 most trusted brand within the external cladding category.

"Weathertex is my most trusted brand because they are still manufacturing their quality products in Australia and really care about sustainability and the environmental impact of their products."

– One of the 400+ customer testimonials gathered from A&D’s Most Trusted Brand survey

Over 150 projects, people and products were submitted for the 2017 Sustainability Awards, all of which exhibited such a high calibre and level of design. Weathertex are proud to be finalists in the Building Material category.

This year Weathertex were also proud sponsors of the 2017 Sustainability Awards for the ‘Multiple Dwelling’ category.

"It's one thing to say your product is sustainable, but another to back it up with third-party independent certifications...[this] shows how Weathertex is committed to providing transparency of our products and manufacturing processes."

– Jason O’Hagan, Weathertex MD