It is relatively cheap, resilient and termite resistant which are good qualities for a building material.


Chris Van Dyke Designs

We are a very small company with about 5 employees in total. We focus on designing the complete range of residential projects from low to high budgets and together with the commercial side we have been kept busy for the last 25 years. I guess our experience makes us unique with over one thousand projects each designed with respect to the client requirements, budget and environmental constraints. We also design our engineering details as part of our documentation which allows a given building´s structure to be carefully configured.

Kuranda School Project

The Candlenut Steiner School is a special project as we had previously been involved in assisting the Steiner School with starting their school many years ago. The Candlenut Steiner School Kuranda operates classes from day care right through to high school undertaking year 10 classes. The Steiner School project had original plans for their new High School to be done in 2 stages; however we designed and tendered both stages at once. This was due to a lengthy council approval process and the benefit of tendering both projects under a much larger more attractive project to take to the construction market during a local downturn.

Weathertex was the solution

“Weathertex is a product that we find easy to work with especially when it comes to installing it around windows and doors.”