Builders love installing the product, because the installation process is so easy.



Driscoll Carvey Building Design and Interiors

Driscoll Carvey Building Design and Interiors was established 2 years ago, by Tony and myself. For the first 6 months, it was just Tony and I, but now we have a lady in the office helping us out answering the phone, doing the administration jobs and she is studying Building Design now too which is fantastic. Tony and I make a really great partnership together, he is still very old school, he uses a drawing board, and never uses any computer drafting software, whereas I work purely on drafting software. It is really good to have the contrast between the two of us. We work on a lot of renovations and extensions, we are flexible and we work very closely with our clients.

Herries Hospital

The building was built in Cooktown in 1888, originally it was on a corner block and operated as a clothing store. The building has experienced quite a few strong cyclones, but it has always stood the test of time. In the early 1930’s a lady called Janet Herries was renting the building, and later on, actually bought it. Her profession as a midwife, saw the building transform from a clothing store and a home to a maternity hospital. She ran the hospital for about 20 years until she passed away.

Why Weathertex?

“We are very environmentally conscious, as well as our clients, so it is a product that I can present to them, knowing that is it going to tick that box, as well as many others.”