We need termite proof building materials, that is exactly what Weathertex provides us with.



MiHaven Homes

MiHaven is a construction company specialising in building cyclone rated high quality housing appropriate for tropical environments and remote locations. The company also operates a construction training school that focuses on supporting disadvantaged indigenous people and communities providing the opportunity to create construction workforce capacity. This side of the company is very much focuses on being a social enterprise.

MiHaven Training School

MiHaven became a Registered Training Organization in May 2014. We have the resources to train people in a basic level Certificate I in construction through to a career with apprenticeships in Construction and Plumbing industry. We also provide training in retail, which builds skills in self-confidence and communication. We are an industry based training school and blend 50% of training in the class room and 50% on real live construction sites, which gives the students the best exposure to the industry. Our programs are intensive with full time training 5 days a week for up to 16 weeks including work experience. During the program we identify each students desires and career aspirations and try to match this with our extensive industry network to secure employment.

Features and benefits

“Termites are a massive issue in North Queensland, so we need termite proof building materials, and that is exactly what Weathertex provides us with.”