Product Length Suited To
WEATHERTEX NAILS 50 x 2.8mm countersunk head galvanised nail Classic, Rusticated, Selflok, Shingles, Architectural Panels
FLAT HEAD NAILS 50 x 2.8mm flat head galvanised nail All Primelok Weatherboards fixed onto softwood frames
Product Suited To
ITW Buildex Countersunk Rib Head Wingtek Screw (class 3) No.8 – 18x35mm Fixing Weathertex Weatherboards and Architectural Panels to 1.0 – 2.5mm steel frame
ITW Buildex FibreZips M5 – 18 x 30mm Countersunk Head For fixing Primelok, Selflok to steel frames 0.55 – 1.0mm thick



  • All fasteners (nails and screws) must be galvanised or suitably coated to resist corrosion for external application. (Australian Standard AS 3566, Class 3 for screws).
  • Coastal locations can be very corrosive to fasteners, especially within distances of up to 500m from the sea. When installed in high corrosion zones, fasteners (nails and screws) must be made of materials appropriate to the desired life of the system and geographical location. Stainless Steel Nails and Class 4 Screws may be necessary in these zones. The advice of the fastener supplier should be sought.
  • The fasteners specified are minimum lengths required for each specific profile. If there is additional material between the Weathertex and the stud eg. packing, then the fastener length must be increased to provide the same fastener depth in the stud. See Cavity Fixing System Installation Instructions.
  • Nails MUST NOT be overdriven. This can reduce the holding capacity of the Weathertex.


Gun Nailing

Gun nailing can be used as an alternative to specified hand driven nails. Generally, gun nails should have equivalent dimensions, head size, etc. to hand driven nails and must be galvanised or suitably coated for external use.

Suitable nail guns for the installation of Weathertex with the nails below includes, but may not be limited to:

  • DUO-FAST – KD665A Coil Nailer
  • STANLEY BOSTITCH – N75C-1 (With dial a depth)
  • PASLODE – Impulse Framemaster B20540
  • MAX – CN565S
  • SENCO – SCN56


Supplier Nails Details
DUO-FAST D41260 45mm ring shank galvanised nail
D41510 50mm ring shank galvanised nail
STANLEY BOSTITCH AC45R250-GAL 45mm ring shank galvanised nail
AC50R250-GAL 50mm ring shank galvanised nail
PASLODE B20561V 50mm ring shank D-HEAD galvanised nail
D41580 50mm ring shank stainless steel nail
DUO-FAST D41260 45mm galvanised flat head nail (ring)
D41510 50mm galvanised flat head nail (ring)
STANLEY BOSTITCH AC45P250-GAL 45mm galvanised flat head nail
AC50P250-GAL 50mm galvanised flat head nail
PASLODE B20565V Impulse 50 x 2.87mm mechanical gal value pack
D41600 50mm screw shank stainless steel nail
DUO-FAST D41060 32mm screw hardened dacrotised coil nail (Primelok, Selflok Profiles)
D42360 40mm screw hardened dacrotised coil nail (Classic lapped profiles)



  • Installers using gun nailing must assure themselves that the appearance of the finished nailed Weathertex is suitable for the intended use. Generally, head sizes in excess of 6mm or T and D headshape nails may not produce a satisfactory finish on Selflok profiles or any other face fixed profiles eg. Weathergroove.
  • Nails MUST NOT be overdriven. This can reduce the holding capacity of the Weathertex. If the nailing depth cannot be adequately controlled when gun nailing, then it is preferable to under-drive and tap home with a hammer.


Thermal Insulation

The thermal conductivity of Weathertex Weatherboard is 0.195W/mK. The thermal resistance R-value for the 9.5mm thickness is 0.05m2K/W. ENERGY EFFICIENT HOUSING: is an initiative of the Australian Greenhouse Office and has been adopted by most States. House designs are assessed on a “star” rating principle (1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best). A Weathertex clad timber frame, internally lined and with various levels of insulation within the cavity will contribute to the achievement of energy efficiency.

Nil 0.4
Double sided perforated reflective foil laminate (rfl) dished between stud 1.3
R1.5 bulk insulation between studs with breather foil or building paper under Weathertex 1.7
R1.8 bulk insulation between studs with breather foil or building paper under Weathertex 1.9


Sound Transmission

A wall consisting of 100mm x 50mm timber studs at 450mm centres, clad with Weathertex and lined internally with 5.5mm hardboard, was tested at the NATA registered, Building Material Acoustical Laboratory, Concord, NSW – STC 35. The sound transmission class can be increased to around STC 38-40 by using fibreglass or insulating board beneath the internal lining. Further STC data can be obtained in the “Weathertex and Fire” Factsheet.



Sawn edges of Weatherboards and Architectural Panels must be primed with solvent-based or acrylic tannin resistant wood primer. A sprayable primer is the most efficient method. To comply with good building practice, timber mouldings, including corner stops and trims, should be primed with exterior, solvent-based or acrylic tannin resistant wood primer before installation.


Paint Colour

Paint colour can have an effect on the performance of Weathertex products. As Weathertex is a timber product, its dimensions will change with changes in moisture content. Dark paint colours can allow surfaces in warmer climates to become very hot in direct sunlight leading to loss of moisture and subsequent shrinkage of the Weatherboard. Plastic joiners can also distort at high temperature. Light paint colours will lead to better thermal efficiency of the building and minimise problems due to moisture change.



Surfaces should be free from dirt, dust or grease. Fill holes with a high quality proprietary grade, acrylic-based flexible paintable filler. Solvent based or two-part fillers such as epoxy are not suitable and cannot be used.



The primed surface of Weatherboards and Architectural Panels are suitable for the application of exterior grade 100% acrylic or solvent-based paint systems. For Acrylic and Solvent-based finishes follow manufacturer’s instructions.



Regularly wash the painted surface with water to remove dirt and grime and to improve the performance of the coating. Generally, exterior surface coatings deteriorate by chalking rather than flaking. When repainting becomes necessary and the surface is unbroken, wash down with water. Remove all loose chalk, dirt and dust by sanding, and dust off. Rectify any defects and fill where necessary. Apply a minimum of two coats of paint in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.



Weathertex currently provides a warranty which protects against a variety of conditions including (but not exclusive of) the product supplied being fit for purpose, and will not rot, split or crack. In addition to this, Weathertex is warranted against termite attack, provided the following conditions are adhered to. A termite mitigation plan complying with all local, state and federal requirements and best-practice guidelines must be in place and maintained from the time that the Weathertex is delivered to site and for the life of the product. Provided that the plan and its maintenance can be demonstrated, then the normal Weathertex warranty at the time of purchase will apply to your Weathertex product.