b'SELFLOK WeatherboardsA favourite in the Weathertex family, Selflok flat panelled appearance is a fresh alternative to traditional lapped planks and perfectly suited for the modern home. Selflok weatherboards have the simplest horizontal shiplap joining method, which allows every board to self gauge. The precise routing gives the product that beautiful and unique ship lapped profile that makes it the first choice for many.Features & BenefitsDurable product with a 25 year warranty. Lightweight product.Requires only standard carpentry tools.Off stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout. Also available in Natural.511 (2020)512 (2020)513 (2020)Refer to the Weathertex514 (2020)Selflok Ecogroove 150 Smooth WTS300EG3660Manufacturers Warranty ConditionsSELFLOKSELFLOK SELFLOKSELFLOKSELFLOK ECOGROOVE 150^ ECOGROOVE 150^ ECOGROOVE 300^ ECOGROOVE 300^SMOOTH WOODSMAN SMOOTH WOODSMAN300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mmIndent only Indent onlyPEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODCERTIFIED CERTIFIEDPromoting Sustainable This product is from Forest Management sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.PEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODCERTIFIED CERTIFIED SELFLOK MILLWOOD SELFLOK MILLWOOD SELFLOK COLONIALPromoting Sustainable This product is fromSMOOTH RUFF-SAWN SMOOTHForest Management sustainably managed300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mmforests and controlled sources. Indent onlyAll Weatherboards are 9.5 mm in thickness.^ Refers to groove spacing.13'