b'WEATHERGROOVE PanelsWeathergroove is the largest panel available in the New Zealand market. This vertically grooved panel is ideal for covering large areas in a short time and its versatility offers endless possibilities. For improved performance, an exclusive joining system has been designed to clip onto the rebated edges of each panel, blending in perfectly with each Weathergroove sheet for a continuous panel finish. Please see the Weathertex Installation Manual for details.Features & BenefitsTall panel size available - 3.66m height. Off stud joining option enables minimal waste and less timber stud layout.Quick cost effective installation. WEATHERGROOVE Watertight mechanical joining system. SIZESRange of joining systems for various design options.2440 x 1196mmDeep vertical lines for a bold expression.2745 x 1196mm Universal edge which makes it possible to flip3660 x 1196mmand reuse offcuts. Durable with 25 years warranty. Thickness: 9.5mmWeathergroove 150 Smooth WTG3660X1196S95WEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE75 SMOOTH** 75 WOODSMAN** 150 SMOOTH 150 RUFF-SAWN** 150 WOODSMANRefer to the Weathertex Manufacturers Warranty Conditions511 (2020)512 (2020)513 (2020)514 (2020)NEWRELEASE WEATHERGROOVEWEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE WEATHERGROOVE Weathergroove 300 SMOOTH* 600 SMOOTH** 1200 SMOOTH* 1200^ Woodsman**RESPONSIBLE WOODPEFCPEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODCERTIFIED CERTIFIED Indent only Indent only Indent only Indent onlyCERTIFIED CERTIFIEDPromoting Sustainable This product is from Promoting Sustainable This product is from Forest Management sustainably managed Forest Management sustainably managed forests and controlled* Only available in 3660mm x 1196mm and 2745mm x 1196mmforests and controlled sources. ** Only available in 3660mm x 1196mmsources.25'