b'a better choice,naturallyABOUT USMade in Australia Value for Money Family owned and manufactured in the HunterNo special tools required for cutting. Large panels region, NSW since 1939.and lower wastage costs on Weathergroove Range. Lightweight product - reduces labour costs.Trusted Quick & Easy Installation Weathertex voted #1 MOST TRUSTED brand in the building industry by Architecture & Design 2016- Larger panels for quick installation. 9.5mm 18. Won SUPPLIER OF THE YEAR in the Australianthickness and matching accessories across all Construction Awards. products making it easier to mix multiple profiles within a project. Easier to paint than other materials Sustainable on the market due to its smoother surface. Better than zero carbon footprint with Third Party Credentials - GreenTag certification. Low embodiedSafe energy.Low VOC. Meets Australian Building Standards. 100% natural product. No silica, glues, resins or Durable formaldehydes.Termite Resistant.Warranty tried and tested notStylish Choices to rot, split or crack for up to 25 years.Natural range is the only timber product in the market toA wide selection of profiles available in various provide a 15 year warranty. 1000 kg/m3 productstyles, textures and sizes.Easy to incorporate density with a minimum 32MPa rating. Watertightthe natural with primed profiles together to offer - no silicone controlled joints required. Mechanicalmultiple design options. flashing system.BRANZ Appraised -for the various511 (2020)512 (2020)installation systems. Appraisal numbers 511, 512,513 (2020)513 and 514. 514 (2020)THE FIRST MANUFACTURED PRODUCT GLOBALLY TO ACHIEVE PLATINUM GREENTAG CERTIFICATION5'