b'NATURAL CladdingThe Natural range offers a unique appearance with the characteristics andlooksofrawundressedtimber.Itssurfaceispressedto create a random woodgrain effect, showing the knots, grains and imperfections of natural timber. Features & BenefitsMade from real Australian hardwoods.Natural woodgrain appearance. The only natural timber product with a warranty.Up to 15 year warranty not to rot, split or crack.Various styles - Leave to silver off in direct sunlight, stain or NATURALa combination of both to produce totally unique colours. Global GreenTag Platinum certification if left unsealed. * Refer to the WeathertexManufacturers WarrantyConditionsSelflok VGroove 150 Natural WTS150VGN3660WeatherboardsAll Weatherboards are 9.5 mm in thickness.^ Refers to groove spacing.511 (2020)512 (2020)513 (2020)514 (2020)PEFCPEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODRESPONSIBLE WOODCERTIFIED CERTIFIED SELFLOK SELFLOK ECOGROOVESELFLOK VGROOVE CERTIFIED CERTIFIEDPromoting Sustainable This product is fromECOGROOVE 150^ 300^ NATURAL 150^ NATURALPromoting Sustainable This product is from Forest Management sustainably managed Forest Management sustainably managed forests and controlledNATURAL 300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mmforests and controlled sources.sources. 300 x 3660mm Indent only Indent only PanelsNEWRELEASEWEATHERGROOVEWEATHERGROOVE 150^WEATHERGROOVE 300^Weathergroove 1200^ 75^ NATURAL NATURAL NATURAL Natural3660 X 1196mm 3660 X 1196mm 3660 x 1196mm 3660 x 1196mmIndent only Indent only Indent only7'