b'NATURAL CladdingThe Natural range offers a unique appearance with the characteristics andlooksofrawundressedtimber.Itssurfaceispressedto create a random woodgrain effect, showing the knots, grains and imperfections of natural timber. Features & BenefitsMade from real Australian hardwoods.Natural woodgrain appearance. The only natural timber product with a warranty.Up to 15 year warranty not to rot, split or crack.Various styles - Leave to silver off in direct sunlight, stain or NATURALa combination of both to produce totally unique colours. Global GreenTag Platinum certification if left unsealed. * Refer to the WeathertexManufacturers WarrantyConditionsSelflok VGroove 150 Natural WTS150VGN3660WeatherboardsAll Weatherboards are 9.5 mm in thickness.^ Refers to groove spacing.SELFLOK SELFLOK ECOGROOVESELFLOK VGROOVE ECOGROOVE 150^ 300^ NATURAL 150^ NATURALNATURAL 300 x 3660mm 300 x 3660mm511 (2020) 300 x 3660mm Indent only Indent only 512 (2020) Panels513 (2020)514 (2020)WEATHERGROOVEPEFCPEFC RESPONSIBLE WOODRESPONSIBLE WOODCERTIFIED CERTIFIEDCERTIFIED CERTIFIEDPromoting Sustainable This product is from Promoting Sustainable This product is from Forest Management sustainably managed Forest Management sustainably managed forests and controlled forests and controlled sources. WEATHERGROOVEWEATHERGROOVE 150^WEATHERGROOVE 300^ sources.75^ NATURAL NATURAL NATURAL3660 X 1196mm 3660 X 1196mm 3660 x 1196mmIndent only Indent only7'