“It was a turning point for me, as we were using a lot of fibre cement product, and after doing that factory tour I came away thinking that Weathertex were sourcing timber from their back door. The process is incredible.”


Richard Lutze Background

My father was a builder, I grew up on building sites, so I had a pretty good idea of how things went together and worked. I always thought I would be in the building industry; I had always enjoyed art, tech drawing and those kinds of activities. A big realization for my father was when he found out I could not swing a hammer to save myself, and he suggested that I draw instead. I took on an apprenticeship when I was 16; I studied at the Sydney Technical College, which was a lot of fun. I worked for various building companies, designers and consultants, which helped me understand the building phase and how all the trades came in and did their jobs.

Richard Lutze and Associates

When I finished my studies in 1992, I began working on my own projects. I did not start my full time business until 1998. Because we had a lot of work on, it just grew from there. We started getting more building clients, employing people and we just kept on growing from there. We try and stay local with our projects as we find it a lot easier to manage. Our most recent project which was out of the area was a commercial job in Armidale, which is a 4.5 hour drive. To site supervise and manage at that distance is very difficult. We branch out from Tweed Heads to Grafton, and we are willing to travel for work. I have a young family so it is nice to stay local, if you can.

Weathertex was the solution

“Weathertex were sourcing timber from their back door. The process is incredible.”