It has a great warranty; it is termite resistant and you can use it up to Bal 19

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Background and experience

I originally worked in the travel and tourism industry for a large number of years, in the marketing division.I decided I was going to pack up my 25 year career and I was going to do something different, so I left. Steve was then introduced to me, and we ended up forming a company in October 2005. We started off really small; I was working on site most of the time. It was a huge change at 40, being at the top of the industry, throwing it all away to have no job and starting from scratch. It was well worth it, and I am so glad I did it. I love coming to work. I knew a lot of people in the industry as well, so that helped.

Unique Country Homes

We have been operating for over 9 years now. We have 8 permanent staff, and we have a few casual staff members. We spend a lot of time speaking with our clients and finding a solution to their needs. That has served us very well. We originally started building Queenslander homes but as time developed we started to get requests for modern contemporary styled homes custom designed for the land and we found that when we moved away from the Queenslander, the principle was still the same it was just the design of the home that changed. we have also branded Unique City Homes, which is more of a modern style design and building, for when we are building in a modern style subdivision with a river front canal.

Favourite product

“It is not too heavy and it is fairly quick to put up. It has a great warranty; it is termite resistant and you can use it up to Bal 19, which means we can use it in 90% of the applications.”