Weathertex helps us to create a modern, contemporary, but also a classic.




Wolfdenebuilt is the construction arm to Wolfdene who are developers. Within the Wolfdene office, there are our Marketing and creative design team, Planning and Construction design teams and Wolfdene Real Estate as the key arms to the group. We also have Wolfdene Green, which landscape and maintain the parks and common areas within our Estates. Wolfdene is a very unique business, in that we control all facets of developing enabling us to be highly flexible. We have the ability to move roads, parklands, etc to suit our build products. This control for me is the most exciting component of being involved with Wolfdene. Being able to acquire the exact size and shape of land to build the most effective and affordable style of housing enables us to cost effectively build to an extremely high level.

Compared to other products

Weathertex is the only product of its kind on the Australian market. It is made from Australian hardwood timber with a great carbon foot print. Other products available on the market can be brittle, so you need to be careful not to bump it, otherwise it will crack and break, also they don’t have as much flexibility. Weathertex is not a brittle product, if you happen to bump it, it often does not show up and it is very flexible, which means we can fit it in tight spaces.

Features and Benefits

“Weathertex was the solution”